A World of Darkness Chronicle


Rafael Coronado

Name: Rafael Coronado

Sire: Margaret Ang (Diablerized)

Clan: Lasombra Antitribu

Generation: 10th (formerly 11th)

Apparent Age: 29

Born: 1959

Embrace: 1988


I, Rafael Coronado, 10th Generation Lasombra Antitribu, respectfully request that my attendance be allowed for the coming Night of Sorrows.  It would be my greatest honor to partake in the endeavor against the great baron’s adversaries, and prove myself trustworthy of joining the ranks of the Camarilla.

Please allow me to share a brief history of my un-life. I was a neonate for the Sabbat Kings and Queens of Shadows in Manila, but after learning the harrowing truth behind my selection for inclusion in the clan, I felt no gratitude toward my sire and fully drained her vitae at the end of my Creation Rites. Her desire to form a Vinculum gave me the opportunity to exact my revenge for the curse she has bestowed upon me.  Following the events of her demise, I escaped Manila and the Sabbat’s reach by secretly boarding a cargo ship docked in the Port Area.  The ship was on its way to Amsterdam, but it encountered pirates after passing the Madeira Islands. By sheer luck, several members of the pirate crew were in fact Antitribu. After 4 months of captivity, they were finally convinced I was not a Sabbat spy, and brought me to their stronghold somewhere in the Mediterranean. There I spent the past 2 decades learning the Occult and mastering the Discipline of Obtenebration under the guidance of Fernando Pires, whose grand-sire is said to be Montano himself, 4 generations removed. I had the chance of speaking to Montano through the internet, and I was convinced to return to Asia and make myself useful in the conflict against the Sabbat. Upon my return to Manila, I came across your invitation for the Night of Sorrows, and I wish to provide my services as a mercenary.

Until the final death,

Rafael Coronado

Talents:Alertness, Athletics, Brawl,

Skills: Drive, Firearms, Melee

Knowledges: Computer, Linguistics, Occult

Disciplines: Obtenebration, Potence, Dominate

Weakness: Cast No Reflection, Sensitivity to Sunlight

Merit: Controllable Night Sight



Name: Pei

Sire: Droot

Clan: Ravnos

Generation: 13th

Apparent Age: 25

Gender: Female

Born: 1970s?

Embrace: 2000

From scrounging for every meal as a bar girl in Bangkok, I thought I hit it big time when I joined the M.V. Valparaiso as a singer. The first mate would make me sing in his cabin and keep me there for days. I liked him enough but I ran away with his wallet when we docked in Singapore. It didn’t take long for him to find me partying with the crew from another ship. In tears, he said he would have given me everything, but I didn’t want any of it. And so he gave me to them, the Valparaiso’s crew… and a few depraved passengers. I am long undead, but I remember – I feel – everything.

What I don’t remember is how I ended up on the shore with an old but wiry brown man watching over me. He tended to the little broken bones of my fingers. He called himself Droot. I had never known a real family until I met my Sire, and he says he too has lost most of his family just last year (the Week of Nightmares) He says he spent the year searching for me , his last living ‘descendant’, and invited me to join the Everlasting Night. I saw no family resemblance, he looked like he’s from India. Maybe he was just a little kooky but I accepted his offer. How could I complain? There was nothing left for me to return to; an outcast on land, now an outcast at sea.

The Embrace was hard and crazy. I had nightmares of  thousands of what was my ‘family’ cannibalize each other. Terrible visions of what was to come.

And I gave this to them, the Valparaiso’s crew… and most of the passengers. I was strong enough to feed, but not strong enough to share my blood with others. They just died.

Droot arrived to arrest my feeding frenzy. In his strong voice, kind eyes and vicious grip to my throat, I then knew what family meant to me and my Sire. He showed me how to make ghouls of the few who were spared. I invited him to join me as part of my crew. But we also both understand how big of a thing independence is. I see him every so often on the docks, kooky as ever.

He warned me of the Kuei-Jin. I never liked them anyway. They seemed more dead than I am. So far, business with them, had just been that – business.

Lonely as the sea is, and the strange as the night is, I made a lot of new friends – those who need the docks at night, those who are hungry. And with all the undocumented migrants boarding, business has never been better.

Lazarus Vondran

Name: Lazarus Vondran

Clan: Tzimisce

Sire: Unknown

Generation: 8th?

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Male

Born: ????

Embrace: 1920s?


I am Lazarus Vondran of the Revenant Family, Obertus. I am however not a ghoul, but a Childe embraced by a Tzimisce who is(was) within the Camarilla temporarily, sadly I do not recall anything from the time of my (undead)birth so long ago. I suffer from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (of which I have no control off due to my young age), and thus reveled in medical and biological re-engineering, in simple words fleshcrafting.

I have lost all sense of time and have forgotten most of my memories. I do know however, that my sire and I shared the same interests and that my sire refused to join the Sabbat during its inception and chose to join the Camarilla temporarily due to personal matters, the mere presence of the Tremere was enough to guarantee that my sire had no interest in staying. I do not know his whereabouts but there are rumors that suggest s/he is still with the Camarilla, and sometimes I can feel his/her faint presence. My sire seems to be capable of hiding his aura from everyone else or perhaps even change appearance and personality. My loyalty remains with my sire (even though I don’t remember anything about him/her), and therefore the Camarilla. Utilize me as you will. Although I have an obssessive compulsive disorder I can assure that I am battle ready.

Due to the fact that I was a ghoul from the Obertus family, and that I was embraced by a Tzimisce antitribu, I have been blessed with Auspex, Obfuscate, and Vicissitude. I have an appearance of 20 year old medical student, though I know I have lived longer than that. Have a fair complexion due to my fleshcrafting experiments with myself. Also, I get easily distracted by corpses, wounds, genetic flaws, and the like and change or alter them to something I consider… beautiful. Also, I am skillful in CQC especially with swords although I do not know, where I have gained this skill and neither do I have the equipment or armor to protect myself. I am currently based in the Philippines, in a municipality called Cainta. I have a shy personality, and almost no friends within the Camarilla maybe due to the fact that I am a Tzimisce, (people/vamps distrust me).

I am looking forward to working will you all and I expect much hospitality and understanding.

Your truly,

Lazarus Vondran

Introduction: A Night of Sorrows


The following entries are from letters sent by a Camarilla leader to a handful of Cainites around the globe…


********** ********** ********** ********** **********


13 November 2010


Greetings you denizens from the world of darkness!

Please confirm if you will be able to attend the Night of Sorrows this November 21st starting at 5pm.

Also if you would be so kind as to prepare a short biography of yourself so that your contact can prepare your tickets to Hong Kong.

There is a certain Rick Shaw waiting for you. He will meet you all near the exit of  Gate 5a at Chek Lap Kok Airport at the appointed time. Please do not be late….

As always old dear friends are welcome, but new blood is tasty too.


With Deep Regards,

Baron Alexi Mondego III



********** ********** ********** ********** **********


19 November 2010



As per our phone conversation, attached are your tickets. When you land in Hong Kong make haste to visit my contact there, Mr. Shaw. He will then provide you with the specifics of your arrangement.

However in the interest of helping you prepare for this endeavor, let me provide you with the bullet points.

  • Meet with Mr. Shaw
  • Meet with Mr. Shaw’s contact
  • Arrange safe transport of said contact from Hong Kong to Manila, travel to be conducted by boat.
  • Ensure safety of contact.
  • Once contact’s mission has been accomplished provide safe transport back to Hong Kong.

I look forward to our continued business ventures.





********** ********** ********** **********


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